TransSiberian railway tour in summer 2019

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18 days

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Trans-Siberian railway tour

From 3550 EUROS. | details

Tour Overview:

Travelling by TransSiberian Railway is the best way to explore the biggest country in the world. You'll get acquainted with Russians and visit the most interesting places of the country. It will become the greatest adventure of a lifetime. You'll see Russian life from different perspectives.

Start your truly amazing Russian experience with exploring the capital of Russia — Moscow! Visit common places and have a great time, going off the beaten tracks with locals! Go further to the central Russia to visit Russian cities: Muslim Kazan, Yekaterinburg, and then further east to Siberia.
We will drive you along the northern route of the Silk Road to the border of Mongolia and show you the most amazing places of Altai nature.
Enjoy thousands of kilometers of pure adventure!

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit Moscow and its top tourist attractions and go off the beaten path to discover places, known only to locals.
  • Experience the Muslim side of Russia in Kazan.
  • Get to know Yekaterinburg, its history and city’s architecture.
  • Have an adventure in Altai, its stunning pristine nature and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Reach Novosibirsk, the Capital Of Siberia.
  • Spend several days in the train, experiencing the real Russia through the eyes of its people.

Tour Details

Day 1: Welcome to Russia!
Arrive in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and meet our representative. Go to the hotel and check in. Get some rest before starting your TransSiberian adventure!

Day 2: Moscow Highlights
Moscow, St Basil's Cathedral, TransSiberian tour Begin your introduction to Moscow with the place, associated with Russian power and politics — the Kremlin. The Kremlin is a famous historic fortified complex, located in the heart of Moscow. It was home to grand dukes and tsars in the past, and now it is the President’s official residence.
For Lunch you can try traditional Russian cuisine with a Soviet touch, which is a great beginning for local cuisine discovery. In the afternoon, go to an interactive walking tour around the city center. Our walking tour will get you around the main must-sees of the city, however keep you away from the huge tourist crowds. Enjoy Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral (from the outside), the GUM department store, Lenin’s mausoleum and the State Historical Museum. Afterwards, walk along Tverskaya street, pass by the secret yards, invisible from the main street, and visit a hidden church, which was not conquered during Soviet times only due to its concealed location. Learn fascinating stories and legends about Moscow and the city center.

Day 3: Moscow
Moscow skyscraper. Russia. Early in the morning, the guide will pick you up for a Tretyakov Art Gallery excursion. The gallery presents a unique collection of Russian art, which includes masterpieces of artists from early religious paintings to modern compositions. Globally known museum also exhibits great works of artists from around the world and has something special to suit all tastes. Our guide will help you not to get lost in numerous halls of the legendary museum.
After a short stop for lunch we will explore Moscow metro, which is said to look more like a palace, than the transportation means. From time to time we will go outside to see another architectural pride of Moscow — Stalin’s Skyscrapers, or so-called Seven Sisters. This will help you to look closer at the local life, as ordinary Muscovite spends a lot of time in the city underground arteries. To be honest, it is quite pleasant experience, for Moscow metro is the most beautiful one in the World and surprisingly efficient, too!
Finally,you will be invited for a Russian cuisine experienceby a local family. Real apartment, local products, the traditional meal and friendly chat — solid material for the best memories! Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible and do not miss the opportunity to participate in the cooking process, because your hosts are happy to share not only their culture, but also their family recipes.
After that you will be transferred to the train station for an overnight Russian train to Kazan, 12h on the way (2nd class compartments, 4 people)

Day 4: Introduction to Kazan
Kreml in Kazan Transfer to the hotel and check-in.
Today you will experience totally different Russia — its Muslim side. Explore an incredible mixture of cultures and 1000 years of history in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Take a guided walking tour around the city and see mosques and orthodox churches standing next to each other, and most of the signs written in three languages: Russian, Tatar and English! Walk along pedestrian Baumana Street, paved with multicolored bricks.
Later visit Kazan Kremlin. Its citadel was declared UNESCO Heritage Site in 2000. This tour will give you a great insight into the history of Kazan and a better understanding of the co-existence of different nationalities, religions and languages. See other sights, such as Kul-Sharif Mosque, Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral, Syuyumbike Tower, also called the Khan’s Mosque.

Day 5: Kazan — TransSiberian
Today we have a marvelous Sviyajsk on our agenda, a XVI century Russian fortress that was built by Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible before the Siege of Kazan.
Sviyajsk is famous for its numerous monasteries along the way. We will witness their ancient beauty, visiting John the Baptist (Ioanno-Predtechenskiy) Monastery of 1551 with the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of All Who Sorrow and the Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh — Holy Dormition (Uspenskiy) Monastery with the St. Nicolas Chapel. We will also see the Monument to Victims of Political Repression, the dramatic historic heritage, as Sviyajsk served as a place of detention for political prisoners during the Soviet age. Finally, we will visit Lazy Torzhok amusement park, where any braveheart scan try themselves in archery, throwing axes, take a picture in tsar's or prisoner's clothes and gain strength by having a light meal of local cuisine.
After this you will be transferred to the train station for an overnight train to Krasnoufimsk, 10h on the way (2nd class compartments, 4 people).

Day 6: Krasnoufimsk — Maliy Turish
Today you will explore a truly unique and inspirational settlement with great story behind — MaliyTurish. Being just a small dot on the huge map of Russia it is a fascinating and very cozy place. During our visit to the local honey production and candy factory you will not only see the results of one remarkable local entrepreneur's marvellous hard work but also feel the true local spirit as you will enjoy local food and pristine country fresh air. After the sightseeing tour and fun interaction with the locals you can go to the forest to collect berries or mushrooms — something, that each Russian has experienced at least once!
Overnight homestay might just be that little piece of the puzzle that lacks from the ever-questioned and never fully understood mystical term of "Russian soul".

Day 7: Maliy Turish — Yekaterinburg — TransSib
Church on the Blood. Moscow. Russia. After breakfast we will head to Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia located on the border of Europe and Asia. In our car sightseeing tour we will visit the most fascinating sights of the Ural's heart: panoramic Iset River, historic grand Square of 1905, majestic Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky and Trinity Cathedral, a modern QWERTY Monument, and, finally, a famous Europe Asia monument, where you will be able to take a unique picture, standing on both sides at the same time. Then, if we are lucky enough, we can witness a typical Russian wedding as it is locals' favorite place for wedding photoshoots.
There is another historic fact, that made Yekaterinburg so famous — Tsar Nicolas' family assassination. Today we will visit the Church on the Blood, built in 2003 on the place, where Nicolas II, his wife, four daughters — Grand Duchess Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia- and young tsarevitch Aleksey were killed in the basement in solemn summer of 1918. The monastery, we will visit, has 7 wooden churches (as the number of the family members). There you will learn the story of the Romanovs and buy hand-made icons embroidered by the nuns.
In the evening you will take Russian train to Krasnoyarsk, 38h on the way (2nd class compartments, 4 people).

Day 8: TransSib: Whole day train ride!
Enjoy the whole day train ride in Russian style, as it is quite typical for locals. Use this time to gain some strength for the coming adventures and getting to know a bit more about life in Russia from the local perspective. Keep in mind, that trains are the most popular and important transportation means in Russia!

Day 9: Altai mountains.
Deer farm. Siberia. Russia. Train will arrive in Biisk at about 8 o'clock.
We will meet you at railway station and drive to the Altai mountains. You will have a few hours to have a rest and take a pleasure of Altai nature. At lunchtime, we will show you maralnik (deer farm). Here you can try maral meat and get a bathtub, made of antlers.

Day 10: Chuya highway
Chemal chapel. Chuya highway is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.
In the morning you will have an excursion to the monastery, placed on The Patmos Island. Katun, the most powerful mountain river in Russia, flows around this island. The Native Altaians call this river “Altai Mistress”.
Moving along Chuya highway you will come to The Seminsky mountain-crossing — the highest one in Altai.

Day 11: Chuya highway
Chuya and Katun’s confluence. Siberia. The First stop will be on Chike-Taman mountain crossing. It is not as high as Seminsky mountain-crossing, but the landscapes, revealed from there, are much more impressive. Then we will drive you on the road, that runs along the river Ursul. It is the road to the Putin's village, placed in the confluence of the Katun and Ursul rivers. It is a very picturesque road and place. We will show you Ininsky stelae — the place of Chuya and Katun’s confluence. A lot of people think it’s the most beautiful place on Chuya highway. Then there will be an excursion to the ancient sanctuary of Kalbak-tash area. The pictures of an ancient human, who inhabited this part of Siberia thousands of years ago, remain unchanged there. Among these pictures there is a map of the starry arch and water lens, which was used as the first simplest telescope; the calendar, displaying the main light events of the year (the days of solstice, etc.);the notion of the ancients about the world order — the diagram of the world, hell and paradise. This day you will stay in a double room or in a real yurt, located at the Chuya river.

Day 12: Geizer lake — Kurai Steppe — Colored Mountines
Kurai Steppe. Siberia. The program of the day will start with visiting Geyser lake. Its surface is decorated with colorful moving circles. After that there will be a transfer to Kurai heath and a panorama of the snowy peaks of the North-Chuya range (the most picturesque place, according to our guide). On this day you’ll also visit the unique Kyzyl Chin — colored mountains, which are rightly called Martian because of bright red and bright yellow and green loam, covering its sides.

Day 13: Ulagan Pass — Katu-Yarik Pass
The valley of Chulyshman river. Siberia. Russia. Today we will drive you across tundra. Ulagan road is going through the area of the thousands lakes and run to the Katu-Yarik Pass. This is one of the most beautiful place in Altai. It's really picturesque place. There are no words to describe it. (You have to be ready for walk about 3 km. from the top to the foot of Katu-Yarik pass). After lunch, you will have a radial to the Kur-Kure waterfall (about 1 hour for one way). Tonight you'll stay in the foot of the Katu-Yarik Pass This is a distant area. There is no internet and telecom there. Even electricity they get using a generator. You will sleep in a wooden house, in front of waterfall Kara-Su. (Toilet is outside).

Day 14: Ulagan Pass — Chuya highway
In the morning you'll see Katu-Yarik Pass one more time. After that you will come back to The Ulagan road and Chuya highway.
We will make a stop near «Pasyrykskiye barrows» (5 century BC). There are 5 big barrows there. Some findings from these barrows are kept in Hermitage now.
Today we will show you 2 rapids of Katun and Chuya rivers. The first one’s name is «Baby», the second one is «Ilgumen».
Here you can fill the whole power of a mountain river. It boils, crashes and breaks big wooden beams.

Day 15: Aru-Kem lake and The Karakol valley.
In the morning you will set off to a journey to the Aru-Kem lake (1 hour for one way). It's a beautiful lake surrounded by taiga. Besides, you'll see «Bashadar barrows». These barrows belong to the Scythian period. Some findings from this place are kept in Hermitage. This place has extremely strong energy, which you can feel. In the evening you will try a hot Russian sauna and taste delicious Siberian honey.

Day 16: Chemal region — TransSib
You will have time for get rest until lunch. After that, you'll visit a big museum in Gorno-Altaisk.
The most interesting exhibition in the museum is a mummy of The Altai Princess.
In recent years a few disasters happened on the Altai area: a big earthquake and insects. Altaians associate them with the finding of the mummy.
In the evening you will have a train to Novosibirsk.

Day 17: Novosibirsk — Akademgorodok
Novosibirsk. Opera theater. Novosibirsk. Russia. At first, we will show The Lenin Square and the surrounding area. Novosibirsk Opera Theater is situated there. Novosibirsk Opera Theater is the famous building in Novosibirsk and the city symbol. This theater is the biggest one in Russia. It's so big that even in The Big Moscow Theater there is not enough space for Novosibirsk's performances. Also, you'll see The Chapel of St Nicholas — the geographical center of Russia. After lunch, you'll visit locomotive museum. Locomotives of different eras, the Royal carriages, etc. are placed here. Then you'll have a walking tour around the Academgorodok. This is one of the biggest and most successful scientific centers in Russia. It's located in the forest and has its own special spirit.
Moreover, we will show you a monument of a laboratory mouse.

Day 18: Novosibirsk
This is the last day of your trip. You'll see Novosibirsk zoo. It is one of the biggest and the most interesting zoos in Russia. Its area is about 60 hectares. 738 species of animals live in the zoo (more than 11 000 individuals). Half of them are listed in the International Red Book. After that, we will drive you to the mall. Here you can find some Russian stuff and souvenirs. In the evening we will have a farewell party.
The cost of the tour includes:

  • Railway tickets,
  • Meet with locals,
  • Cultural sights,
  • 7 days accommodations in Altai Republic (day 9 - day 16),
  • Transfer en-route from Biysk

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