Tours across the Siberia

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Altai part of some tours in the video:

The author of the video is Kirill Osipov

We recommend tours in Siberia depending on the flight option
- Tours for European (except Czechs)
- Tour for Asian (Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea), Czechs and United Arab Emirates tourists

Tours for European(except Czechia) tourists

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Europe to the start and end points of these tours.
Tours have designed for flights from Moscow to Irkutsk and Tomsk. So, to join these tours you have to take a flight to Moscow and then direct to the points where tours start.

Tour duration: 20 days/ 19 nights
Learn the culture of different ethnicity living in Siberia and appreciate the beauty of Siberian nature. The famous Baikal and amazing Altai are waiting for you in this tour.

Tour duration: 13 days/ 12 nights
You'll see Tomsk - the old merchant city, where you'll find Wooden architecture, and the history of Siberian Cossacks. Then you'll visit Novosibirsk - Russia's third largest city, named the capital of Siberia. And after that, you'll enjoy the really amazing Siberian nature in Altai mountains.

For tourists from Asia, Czechia and United Arab Emirates

The tour below designed for tourists arriving from countries that have a direct flight to Novosibirsk airport:
- Asia (Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea),
- United Arab Emirates,
- Czechia.

Tour duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
Novosibirsk (the capital of Siberia) is waiting for you in this tour. You'll see its main sights. After that you'll visit Altai mountains - the pearl of Siberian nature.

Siberia is a wonderful place to get acquainted with the truly magnificent wild nature of Russia. This area is enormous (this is the biggest part of Russia). Despite the area, the number of settlements in Siberia is relatively small. The main part of the region is occupied by taiga, tundra and steppe. That's why it is so interesting for travellers who are looking for calm and nature. There are many interesting places in the vast territory of Siberia. And it was very hard for us to choose the list of most interesting of them. But after hundreds of tours, we were able to design several optimal sightseeing tours that will show the nature of Siberia in all its glory and reveal the culture of the Siberian peoples. So here are these tours:

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