Rafting The Middle Katun

6 days/5 nights

850 €

Start: July 8


Rafting The Middle Katun

850 EUROS per person. Group size: 4 - 10

The Katun river and it's tributaries is the most difficult rivers for rafting in Russia. The middle Katun is the most popular part for an adventure tourism on the water in Russia because of the variety of rapids and picturesque of nature. Road part of the tour is going on the Chuya Highway is one of the most beautiful roads of the world (according to National Geographic).

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy Altai mountains along the Chuya highway.
  • Get a rafting skills in a variety rapids that have 3th class in whitewater rafting System.
  • Pass the «Shabash» rapid, that has 4th class in whitewater rafting System.
  • Get acquainted with traditions of rafting in Russia
  • Try traditional Siberian dishes and different types of honey, which is famous for its health benefits, and drink delicious herbal tea.

Programme of the tour
Day 1st Gathering of the group at 8.00 in Biysk city, at 9.40 in the airport of Gorno-Altaisk city (if requested, we can meet you in the international airport of Novosibirsk). We will meet and transfer you to our campsite, located on the Katun river bench, next to Ust-Sema village. This is the day of meeting and preparation of the necessary rafting gear. Besides, there are different sights you can see close to the campsite.
This day you'll stay in a room in a wooden house.
Day 2nd We are setting off for Chuya highway. The first stop will be at Seminsky mountain crossing-the highest one in Gorny Altai. The real Altai starts right onwards. On this day we will show you Karakolsky valley (native Altaians believe, it is sacred; there are groups of Kurgan antique graves - one of Altai Mountains riddles), Bashadar burial mounds. After that, we will go up Chike-Taman mountain crossing. Although it isn’t as high as Seminsky mountain-crossing, the landscapes, revealed from there are much more impressive. This day you will stay in a touristic tent in the campsite, located at the confluence of Bolshoy Yaloman and Katun rivers. The rafting will start tomorrow from this place. Confluences of powerful Siberian rivers are very picturesque.
Day 3th You'll get instructions and starts rafting. You'll practice in paddling and going in the «Ilgumen» rapid (class 3th-4th). Here you'll try The Katun's roller coaster. After that we are going to the rapid «Kadrinskaya tube». It's a long series of the rapids. And sudden breakthrough after. This night you'll sleep in a touristic tent on the glade that has named «Wedding Glade».
Day 4th Today you'll see the most beautiful and wild nature, and pass the most difficult rapid «Shabash». «Shabash» is a class 4 rapid. It length is about half kilometre. «Shabash» has two parts. Before we will raft in rapid, we have to exploration it. After rafting «Shabash» you'll pass 2 more rapids, placed in a rocky gorge. Then we make a break and stay near stream Kemichapkin to see the rock painting (the age of the drawings is 5 thousands years). Then one more rapid «Aila» and we will stay in a touristic tent camp.
Day 5th Day start with excursion to the waterfall placed on Beltertuyk river. Then we raft to The «Teldekpen 1st» and The «Teldekpen 2nd» rapids. They are placed in the slime rocky canyon. The whole power of The Katun river is griped in this place. It has a strong deep current. After that we will pass two more rapids. But they not so dangerous as the previous rapids. After that we set in the bus and going to the 1st campsite. Warm bania is waiting for us.
This day you'll stay in a room in a wooden house.
Day 6th This day is for get a rest. The conclusion of our tour will be in Biysk city. The approximate time of arrival is 19.00.
Safety in a rafting part of the tour is ensured by skilled guides.
The cost of the tour includes:

  • Transfer en-route from Biysk,
  • tour-guide services,
  • meals,
  • accommodation (2 nights)
  • insurance
  • equipments

Additional information
The international flights arrive in Novosibirsk- the biggest city of Siberia. In case, you arrive there, you will need to have one day before the tour and one day upon its completion for the transfer. Our staff members in Novosibirsk will meet you, arrange the excursions, order the meals and the accommodation for you. Biysk and Novosibirsk are cities, connected by a branch of Trans-Siberian railway. We can organize a transfer by train or by car to the starting endpoint of the tour.

This tour could be combined with road trip tour «The Wonders Of Siberia» in any dates you want
Duration of combined tour is 11 days.
To get the details pleas send us email or use inquire form on this page.